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Dear Parents and my dear students,

Education is meant to prepare people for life by means of gearing up to the emerging needs of society. The needs of society do not remain the same all the time. It always changes. The knowledge explosion and its application have brought about remarkable changes in our lives. We are leading a very sophisticated life because of the “changing family patterns, expanding role of technology, increasing global interdependence of people, changing norms and value structures, worldwide competitions, markets and rapid growth of knowledge.” This calls for a paradigm shift in the method of imparting education.

I am confident that with the formation of Hathras Sahodaya School Complex there will be a paradigm shift in the method of education in our schools. Transmission model to transformation model, information model to formation model, imparting model to participatory model and finally autonomous model to team work model.

Rev. Fr. Dr. Robert Varghese